Wilderness of the people

Wilderness of the people 

The Wilderness of the people

In Ezekiel 20:35 YHVH declares He will bring YOUinto thewilderness of the peopletheYOU refers to the two houses of Jacob, which includes both Israel/Judah (faithful Jewish people) and Israel/Joseph (the repentant non-Jewish faithful in YHVH and His Redeemer, Yahoshua). The implications of this scripture formed the central prophetic message brought to many countries, including Israel, by the late Art Katz (2007) during the period of 1990′s through to 2007. (Art Katz was an inspired Messianic Jewish preacher and teacher of the prophetic scriptures of the end times). 

Art Katz made every effort to warn his own people – Orthodox, Messianic and Secular Jews, that the modern State of Israel would cease to exist in the last days of Jacob’s trouble, and that a global despise of YHVH would cause the remnant of Judah to flee to refuge communities that will have been established by a redeemed, biblical, non-Jewish remnant during that time,in out of the way areas in the nations, to the wilderness of the people.

A brief examination of a section of Orthodox Jewish views on the future of the modern State of Israel reflects the same essential consequence that the late Art Katz warned of, to those who would hear.

Audio/Video presentation:  The call to the “Wilderness of the people” : Rob Moore

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