2 thoughts on “When does a day start?

  1. I tend to go with nightfall and a two star witness.

    The rules for Passover found in the Torah and the book of Jubilees tell us the lamb is to be slain at evening, but not roasted by fire until after dark. Using the calendar of Enoch this follows the rules of the Sabbath when no cooking is allowed and no fire is to be kindled.

    On the calendar of Enoch, every seventh day is a weekly Sabbath. This makes Passover the fourteenth day of the new year and the third Sabbath of the new year. Counting the equinox day as a Sabbath and a memorial to Noah, as all of the four leaders of the seasons will fall on a weekly Sabbath (per the instructions of Enoch) and the book of Jubilees declares these days as memorials to Noah and the events of the flood.

    There is also the instructions for the fast of the day of Atonement which is from evening to evening. Also the story of David in the field for three days and three nights, until sun set the third day.

  2. I forgot to mention. By waiting for nightfall to roast the lamb by fire, the fifteenth day or first day of unleavened bread would have begun, making cooking and kindling of fire legal.

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