3 thoughts on “What Calendar Did Yahushua Keep?

  1. Please send me more information !!!!!! I think the zadok priesthood is an answer to many questions we have concerning the calender my ya reveal it to his bond servants
    and stop all the stfife and confusion going on to divide and seperate………..

  2. It’s possible to prove Yahusha used to the calendar of Enoch, not the lunar calendar of Judah.

    In astronomy circles there is what is called “The Spring Phenomena”. This phenomena occurs on alternating cycles of eight and eleven years. When this phenomena occurs the solar based calendar of Enoch and the lunar based calendar of Judah will align. Such an alignment took place in the crucifixion year of 30 AD.

    The Spring equinox of 30 AD occurred at 10PM on March 22, on the Julian calendar. Being after the end of civil twilight this makes the equinox day on March 23, 30 AD. Since the four leaders of the seasons are not counted in the days of the months, but totaled in the reckoning of the year, day one of the calendar of Enoch would be March 24, 30 AD. By the way, the times given are at UTC. Jerusalem, or IST would be plus two hours.

    The conjunction of the moon took place at 6PM UTC on March 22, 30 AD. Given two days for the illumination to reach a visible 4%-6%, the crescent would have been sighted at evening on March 24, 30 AD, making March 25th day one on the lunar calendar. Of course this is an estimation of the lunar sighting, since the Pharisee required two witnesses of the sighting and only the Pharisee could determine a new moon.

    Anyway, we will see this alignment take place again this March. The spring equinox will occur on Saturday at 12:45 AM IST on March 21, 2015. The lunar conjunction will take place at 11:36 AM IST on Friday March 20, 2015.

    Here is a link to the data on the 30 AD Spring Phenomena at the US Naval Observatory web site.

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