Book of Enoch - Read online or Download a copy

Book of Jubilees - Read online

Books to source

Most of these books will give you some truthful history and  ancient icons – Some of these books are quite pricey – One is over $800. I recommend borrowing some from your local library. (You may need to ask them to source some as inter-library loan, because there are only one or two copies (of some of them) available:

  • Lost tribes and Promised lands: the origins of American Racism – Sanders, Ronald 
  • Nature knows no color-line; research into the negro ancestry in the white race – Rogers, J. A
  • Icons: Masterpieces of Russian art 16th – 19th century – Poliakova. O.A.
  • The Icon – Kurt Weitzmann
  • The unknown catacomb: a unique discovery of early Christian art – Ferrua, Antonia
  • Russian Icons – Ivanov, Vladimir
  • Ancient Jewish Art – Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
  • The Art of Venice – Filippo Pedrocco
  • The Chronicle of the Roman Emperors – Chris Scarre
  • The Hebrew heritage of Black Africa: fully documented – Jacobs, Steven
  • Classic biblical baby names: timeless names for modern parents – Tropea, Judith

Great Calender Information

Other links & Resources will be added periodically.


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